This staggering amount of money equals a staggering amount of responsibility for the nonprofits entrusted with such gifts. Grantees receiving these funds, are required to report their outcomes resulting from these numbers to several different funders in several different ways, costing countless hours of double data entry and reporting and re-reporting of similar yet different numbers. This is especially troublesome for organizations that cannot afford their own internal evaluation team. Funders, determined to help their grantees, often hire external evaluators to assess programs. Unfortunately, these evaluations often end up unused, collecting dust on the shelf.

The solution? Evaluation coaching to build internal evaluation capacity. Evaluation coaching empowers funders and organizations that otherwise cannot afford an internal evaluator grantees to become experts at evaluation. By developing internal resources through this coaching, nonprofits build their own evaluation capacity—and take greater ownership over their data and reporting as well as success and improvement opportunities in their programming.

A partnership sweet as PIE

It takes three ingredients to demonstrate the impact of an organization’s programs: Planning, Implementation and Evaluation. At PIE, we put these pieces together to help our clients develop a culture of evaluation.

You can become your own best program evaluator. We’ll show you how. Contact us to learn more today.