What we do

PIE Org takes a collaborative, culturally responsive approach to evaluation and strategic planning that emphasizes making data understandable and actionable for mission-driven organizations.

As we work together with organizations like yours, we encourage you to make continual improvements to your services and approach to grow. We also aim to weave opportunities for capacity building and evaluation coaching into every client engagement so that changemakers like you can strengthen critical skills and get better at using data to more effectively serve your community.

Key Services

Evaluation and Learning

PIE is an expert in collaborative, culturally responsive evaluation work.

Our evaluations seek to answer key questions your organization and community have about impact, implementation, and equity.  Our evaluation work is dynamic—we offer evaluation services in support of small, community-based organizations, as well as multi-site, complex programs.  We are adept at using both quantitative and qualitative data to help “tell your story” and identify key ways that you can improve and sustain your impact over time. We do this through our unique process, detailed below, which has successfully supported hundreds of evaluations, both large and small. 

Data-Informed Strategic Planning


Capacity Building and Evaluation Coaching

PIE is a leader in the field of capacity building and evaluation coaching; our approach to this work has been documented in numerous peer-reviewed articles below.

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Our mission is to provide high quality capacity building services to all organizations, no matter the size or scope.  Our capacity building work supports small, community-based organizations to build out sustained evaluation systems.  We also partner with larger organizations with internal evaluation teams, to provide evaluation coaching that can support improved practices and systems.  For strategic planning work, we offer leadership coaching, which supports the implementation of our plans, aligned to the priorities of each organization.  We also offer a series of workshops, which can be curated to the specific needs of your organization, to support best practices and ongoing learning.



Our Process

Our projects are all highly customized in order to address each of our mission-driven clients’ unique needs. However, they all have the following four phases in common:



PIE recognizes that your organization and your communities are the real experts; we are just here to support a process of learning and evaluation.  In this spirit, we begin all evaluation work by embarking on a listening tour, and document review, interviewing all stakeholders (i.e., staff, program participants, funders) and reviewing relevant documentation to understand the history, context, priorities and capacities of the evaluation.  

As needed, we will also conduct a literature review to understand best-practices for your programming. Then, we convene all stakeholders together to review our findings and collaboratively building out a logic model that articulates the key outcomes of your program.  From there, we finalize an evaluation plan, set up ongoing meetings with staff to progress monitor the evaluation, and get ready to hit the ground running. 



In this phase, we build out data collection tools (i.e., surveys, observations, interview protocols), aligned to the logic model outcomes, and research best practices from the literature review.  These tools are not developed in a silo; we iterate all tools in collaboration with our partners to ensure that we ask questions to answer your questions.  Then, we develop a specific set of protocols to implement these tools. 

We recognize that different organizations and communities have their own work flow, and we create protocols that are streamlined within your unique workflow, such that evaluation is not an added administrative burden on your staff or participants.  As needed, we can also build out Google Studio dashboards to ensure ongoing data updates around implementation and impact. 


Learn & Improve

Throughout the evaluation, we will review findings and feed data back to staff in real-time across stakeholders.  As such, no findings are a surprise, and we offer opportunities throughout the evaluation process to support reflection on findings and lessons learned.  Typically, we formally review data at a both the mid-point and final data collection points; however, based on program needs we can also meet quarterly. 

At these meetings, we support “data walks” where stakeholders review data together, discuss their implications, and think through ways to apply lessons learned to improve implementation and impact.  At the end of the evaluation, we will provide not only a final report, but also dissemination materials, such as infographics and PowerPoint slides, so that stakeholders and effectively communicate the impact of their work.


Build Capacity

Capacity building is embedded throughout all our evaluation work. We coach your organization’s staff throughout the evaluation process to support them as they learn to implement evaluation tools, review data, and think evaluatively . We also create logic models and review evaluation tools and protocols, as needed. In addition, we offer free evaluation workshops for our clients, aligned to each organization’s specific needs.


Who We Serve

PIE Org partners with mission-driven organizations including nonprofits, foundations, school districts, higher education institutions, public agencies, CSR departments, and collective impact initiatives. Some of our recent clients have included:


I appreciate how flexible and responsive PIE is. They have consistently gone above and beyond throughout our partnership.

- Program Director, American Library Association