PIE regularly provides workshops that can support your organizations’ evaluation and planning processes. We want you to be your own best evaluator!


PIE offers a suite of workshops, designed for both novice elevators, and those who are more experienced. Common offerings include the following:

Building an Evaluation System
for Nonprofits


Logic Models

in Evaluation

Data Collection Tools & Processes


Introduction to
Google Studio


Canva &


Annual Conference

PIE day is our annual, half-day conference where we bring together funders, nonprofits, and changemakers to explore important topics in evaluation, capacity building and strategic planning. PIE Day offers a suite of presentations, small group discussions, and networking activities to support learning and dialogue across attendees.

2022 year’s topic is
“Tell Your Impact Story.”  


PIE has been our go-to for anything that involves data.

- Program Director, Teen Parent Connection