Pending Testemonials
April 21, 2016 admin


Clients Love PIE

We’re honored to be the evaluation coaching professionals chosen by a diverse group of organizations, including:

“This is capacity building par excellence!”
-Rebekah, Director

“You are revolutionizing the way organizations do Evaluation!”
-Yolanda, Program Officer

“This process has helped me learn language to communicate about what we do in our programs.  We are able to articulate it better now to the development department, to board members, and community partners.”
-Jose, Educator

“We collect data and information that matter now, not just what is required or convenient.”
– Monsi, Educator

“Program officers have seen big differences in the ways grantees have changed their internal culture of evaluation with direct-service staff, reduced the time agency staff spend on collecting and reporting data, and improved their ability to show impact through data using evidence-based evaluation tools.”
– Molly, Foundation Staff

“For the first time we can dictate what our program outcomes are, instead of chasing funding and making our outcomes [the funders’] outcomes.”
– Nancy, Department Head

“I used to keep all of my participant satisfaction questionnaires in a drawer and never look at them again. Now I can enter them into Excel and create an automated report with tables and graphs!”
– Vanessa, Educator

“I am forever grateful for your passion towards supporting the work that we do with children and families here. The guidance you’ve provided to fine tune our evaluation process to communicate outcomes while also bringing together services providers in community with one another has been an incredibly unique learning experience for me as a social worker.”
– Hallie, Children’s Program Supervisor