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About the Network:

Due to changes with it’s partnership with the Chicago Tribune, The McCormick Foundation has changed its grantmaking strategies from giving to individual organizations, to focusing on initiatives that leverage a network of providers to address problems in communities who need it most.   One of McCormick’s key giving areas is Health and Wellness, and geographic areas of interest are those communities on the west and south sides of Chicago where racial and economic disparities are most prevalent.  Due to this shift in it’s grantmaking strategies, the McCormick Health and Wellness Network was created to direct funds through a network of providers working in these communities doing work to further it’s mission of helping the most vulnerable populations.

Further information on McCormick’s strategies and approaches can be viewed on their website  and a letter to it’s grantees outlining these changes can be seen here.

In 2018-19, organizations previously funded through McCormick who were working in these neighborhoods, providing services directed towards Health and Wellness, were brought together and given the opportunity to give feedback on what kind of support would be most meaningful to them.  PIE Org led these consensus building efforts and it was determined that there were five main activities that would provide value to their work and would help them to fulfill their missions more effectively.

In July of 2019 PIE Org was awarded a grant to act as the convening organization for this initiative, and began to develop a plan to deliver these key services to all organizations in the network. The following activities have been planned and are currently underway:


Large Group Trainings


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